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Project Ultra update #2

Training doesn’t stop just because it’s the Christmas holidays and with a few early mornings and juggling family commitments I was able to have one of the most ultra marathon specific training weeks to date. I don’t drink and very rarely go to the pub so waking up at 5.30am with a hang over in the holidays was never going to be a concern for me. Even our New Years Eve celebrations were far from rock and roll as we headed home just after at 10:30 pm and on New Years Day my wife got up early to run our local Park something I never thought would happen. Who know she may even make the Christmas Day one next year.


All of my training runs over the past few months in the Peak District have been done in Zone 1 (recovery), as I try to build a solid endurance base in preparation for the Ultra Marathons I have got planned. I decided to test my fitness level and some of my new kit out to see how my training was coming together and did a thirteen mile run in Zone 2 (threshold) on Tuesday morning. I was pretty pleased with the results and saw the biggest improvement on the hills were my heart rate was much more stable. This allowed me to push harder as the climb went on. At the start of my training my heart rate would shoot up on the littlest of climbs and forced me to slow down or walk. Continue reading

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Mountain Fuel, an alternative choice to energy gels

I have been using the full range of Mountain Fuel performance supplements for the last couple of months, after I was put in touch with them through a friend and feel that I¹ve thoroughly tested their supplements enough to provide an update.

Initially after having a good chat with the owner of the company Rupert Bonington and being impressed with the philosophy of the company not to mention their association with Walking with the Wounded, a charity close to my heart as only Perthes Disease prevented me passing the medical test for the Marines! An opportunity arose for us to work together and as I was about to start a hard block of training it would be a perfect opportunity to test the products properly. The below is an outline of an 85 mile training week. Continue reading

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Morning Fuel Power Pancakes and Banana Flapjack

Our ‘Morning Fuel Power Pancakes’ are the perfect start to the day or a must have ‘on the go’ snack for any event as they are easy on the stomach, quick to absorb and packed full of all the essentials to help you perform.

Serves one for breakfast or you can make around 20 mini power pancakes

Mini Power Pancakes

For an on the go bite sized snack “Mini Power Pancakes” are perfect during activities. Simply add 1 soft fig and a tablespoon of chopped dates to the pancake mix. Gently fry a heaped teaspoonful of mixture in the coconut oil to make this delicious bite sized pancake. Remove from heat and leave to cool and then bag up six at a time in sealable bags. Continue reading

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The start of my running obsession

At the age of nine I was diagnosed with a disability called Perthes disease which made exercising more or less impossible. I spent weeks on end going in and out of hospital, being placed on traction and having to have a number of operations to lengthen the tendons in my groin. I had to have my hip pinned to try to increase the blood flow into my hip joint and this was followed by 6 weeks in broom stick pots. During this time I was wheel chair bound and then gradually progressed to using crutches and carrying out regular physiotherapy sessions to build up the muscles in my legs, as they were too weak to support my body weight. Perthes disease (also known as Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, or Calve Perthes disease, is a childhood disorder which affects the head of the femur (the ball of the ball and socket joint of the hip). In Perthes disease the blood supply to the growth plate of the bone at the end of the femur (called the epiphysis) becomes inadequate. As a result the bone softens and breaks down. The specialists told me that I would never be able to lead a fully active lifestyle due to the shorting of my leg and the weakness within my hip joint but  I stayed positive and tried to be as active as possible throughout my teenage years. I played as much football as my hip could handle and at the age of  eighteen I was finally discharged from the hospital.

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