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North Lincolnshire Half Marathon – Week 4

My training is pretty straight forward as it’s all about spending as much time as possible in my threshold heart rate zone (159 bpm – 169 bpm). By completing and increasing the time and number of threshold zone runs, my body is able to build up a greater ability to maintain this effort for a significant amount of time. This means my training doesn’t really change from one week to the next. The only drawback I have found from training this way is the difficultly to train with other people, you need their heart rate zones and pace to match your own zones or one of you is not getting the desired work out. I can’t say to someone I’m going to run x amount of miles at a certain pace as I never know what my pace will be until I start running. Last week my threshold run was 6:24/mi @ 165 bpm and this week the same run was 6:07/mi @ 163 bpm, sometimes you set off running and everything comes together. I’m still running all of my runs at the same heart rate but this week I have made big strides forward on the pace I’m now running them at. It may be simple but it seems to be very effective. This week has been no different to any of my previous training weeks other than swopping some of my workouts around, to allow for the Inter Club XC race on Sunday which I used for my hard tempo run of the week. I’m very structured when it comes to my training and I like to know any family plans we have so I can plan my weeks training around them. I included a body conditioning and drills coaching session with Coach Jamie Miller who came to take are weekly club training night. With a massive turn out of thirty plus runner’s it showed how much people wanted to learn about an area of training that most of us put off. The little things like how to correctly do high knees and heel flick drills. I’m sure a lot of people who haven’t got a running back ground from a young age like me will be doing them wrong. I’ve spent years doing them how I was taught as a child playing football when we warmed up before a game but they are not a warm up. They are drills to help correct running form. Hopefully it can help me to improve my running technique and to run a PB of a sub 73 minute half marathon. Continue reading

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What is all this base training about?

This weeks guest blog in Training Corner comes from The Endurance Coach and talks about building a strong endurance base though the winter months.

The Endurance Store

Winter for endurance athletes can only mean one thing and that’s ‘base training’. It’s a time when we take a well earned rest and then start to build a strong aerobic foundation for next year. The term ‘base training’ is something that all endurance athletes are no doubt familiar with, but we often fail to stop and question what we’re doing and why? What are the real reasons for doing base training? What are the actual objectives we are trying to achieve? If you don’t understand your actual objectives, then how can you possible ensure that you structure your training to gain the most from your winter base phase? Continue reading

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Successful Return From Running Injury – Getting It Right First Time

This weeks guest blog post in Training Corner comes from James Dunne at Kinetic Revolution and talks about successfully returning  from a running injury and getting it right first time. Please visit there website for more information on the services they provide http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/ and  Facebook Page.

How many of us have suffered a running injury, rested, diligently done our rehab and embarked on a progressive return to running plan, only to land painfully back at square-one?

I’d suggest that an alarming percentage of readers will be all too familiar with this frustrating pattern of recurring injury.

The question is, what can we do differently when it comes to the all important return to running stage of rehab? Continue reading

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Running twice a day for marathon training

This weeks guest blog post in Training Corner comes from Training Peaks talking about introducing twice a day workouts into your training and the benefits it can bring what ever your ability. Please visit there website for more information on the services they provide.  http://home.trainingpeaks.com/

As a runner first and a triathlete second, I am attuned to the differences between the two sports. One difference is that many recreational triathletes think nothing of working out twice a day, whereas very few recreational runners engage in this practice.

There is an obvious reason for this discrepancy: triathletes have three separate disciplines to worry about. A triathlete who wants to train just three times per week in each discipline has to “double” twice a week—three times if he or she wants a day of complete rest.

But having only one discipline to worry about isn’t the only reason so few runners ever workout twice in one day. Runners also feel that they lack the time to double, that their body couldn’t handle doubling, and that two-a-days aren’t worth the bother except for elite athletes. In this article I will address these concerns, make a case for the use of doubles by recreational runners in marathon training, and offer guidelines for the practice.

Yes, You Can Double

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