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On the Go Fuel – goodbye gels

What I love the most about our home made ‘Nutritious Gel‘ recipe is that you are not only utilising two products you’d use on a race or during training but you’re also recycling the sachets… Ok, this isn’t the only thing I love, on par is that you can kiss goodbye to the sugar fix, gut wrenching highs and lows of gels that also require, despite what is claimed considerable amounts of water… and then, when you’ve finished, that drained, I’ve got nothing left in my system feeling. Gels do work in moderation for some people but for most of the people we talk to they don’t, which is why our Mountain Fuelers kept asking us for an alternative. Continue reading

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Manchester Marathon 18 week training plan

This weeks post follows on from my last blog were I wrote about how I thought my Manchester Marathon build up had gone and my disappointment on race day.  You can see below my 18 week training plan I carried out for the 2015 Manchester Marathon. It shows the types of runs I did each day with information on the distance and speed. All the runs were ran within my heart rate zones, the pace depended on the factors such as the weather, terrain and general fatigue.

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Heart Rate Training Zones

  • Recovery running zone 1                                   144-156bpm
  • Threshold running zone2                                   157-169bpm
  • Tempo running zone     3                                   170-186bpm
  • Interval running zone   4                                   above 186bpm

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