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Nutrient timing can be very beneficial for athletes

This weeks guest blog in Nutrition Corner comes from Matt Lomas at Diet Doc Derbyshire

Ready. Set. Go!

And don’t forget your kilogram tub of Haribo sweets.

As humans, we love extremes in all walks of life, and it’s no different with endurance athletes.

Give me the quickest, sickliest carbs I can find and this race is mine.

Nutrient timing can be very beneficial for athletes but it’s not magic. It won’t suddenly transform your physique or performance but it can certainly, and often does work.

It’s a tool for your tool box, every situation doesn’t require the same tool. Depending on a number of things (Duration, intensity, competition or practice) your approach is probably going to want to be different each time.

If you’re competing and you want to be primed for the race then the weeks before and the run up to the race are going to serve you well (consistency as always). You may want to subtly increase your carbohydrate intake on the run up to the race.

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