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What is all this base training about?

This weeks guest blog in Training Corner comes from The Endurance Coach and talks about building a strong endurance base though the winter months.

The Endurance Store

Winter for endurance athletes can only mean one thing and that’s ‘base training’. It’s a time when we take a well earned rest and then start to build a strong aerobic foundation for next year. The term ‘base training’ is something that all endurance athletes are no doubt familiar with, but we often fail to stop and question what we’re doing and why? What are the real reasons for doing base training? What are the actual objectives we are trying to achieve? If you don’t understand your actual objectives, then how can you possible ensure that you structure your training to gain the most from your winter base phase? Continue reading

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Mountain Fuel, an alternative choice to energy gels

I have been using the full range of Mountain Fuel performance supplements for the last couple of months, after I was put in touch with them through a friend and feel that I¹ve thoroughly tested their supplements enough to provide an update.

Initially after having a good chat with the owner of the company Rupert Bonington and being impressed with the philosophy of the company not to mention their association with Walking with the Wounded, a charity close to my heart as only Perthes Disease prevented me passing the medical test for the Marines! An opportunity arose for us to work together and as I was about to start a hard block of training it would be a perfect opportunity to test the products properly. The below is an outline of an 85 mile training week. Continue reading

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Successful Return From Running Injury – Getting It Right First Time

This weeks guest blog post in Training Corner comes from James Dunne at Kinetic Revolution and talks about successfully returning  from a running injury and getting it right first time. Please visit there website for more information on the services they provide http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/ and  Facebook Page.

How many of us have suffered a running injury, rested, diligently done our rehab and embarked on a progressive return to running plan, only to land painfully back at square-one?

I’d suggest that an alarming percentage of readers will be all too familiar with this frustrating pattern of recurring injury.

The question is, what can we do differently when it comes to the all important return to running stage of rehab? Continue reading

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Planning your weekly eating to enhance training and recovery

This weeks guest blog in Nutrition Corner comes from The Endurance Coach. It talks about ways of enhancing your training and recovery after a hard training session in order to get the best out of your weekly training. In order to help you choose the best types of foods when your out doing your weekly shop, there is a table listing the best sources of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The basic principles of healthy eating

As an endurance athlete, it is critical that you optimize your diets to keep you healthy, injury free and performing at your best. The foods that you eat have a huge impact upon your ability to train on a daily basis, recover between sessions and compete successfully. An endurance training programme should be supported by a high quality diet if you hope to achieve your long term goals.

Continue reading

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Morning Fuel Power Pancakes and Banana Flapjack

Our ‘Morning Fuel Power Pancakes’ are the perfect start to the day or a must have ‘on the go’ snack for any event as they are easy on the stomach, quick to absorb and packed full of all the essentials to help you perform.

Serves one for breakfast or you can make around 20 mini power pancakes

Mini Power Pancakes

For an on the go bite sized snack “Mini Power Pancakes” are perfect during activities. Simply add 1 soft fig and a tablespoon of chopped dates to the pancake mix. Gently fry a heaped teaspoonful of mixture in the coconut oil to make this delicious bite sized pancake. Remove from heat and leave to cool and then bag up six at a time in sealable bags. Continue reading

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