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Running twice a day for marathon training

This weeks guest blog post in Training Corner comes from Training Peaks talking about introducing twice a day workouts into your training and the benefits it can bring what ever your ability. Please visit there website for more information on the services they provide.  http://home.trainingpeaks.com/

As a runner first and a triathlete second, I am attuned to the differences between the two sports. One difference is that many recreational triathletes think nothing of working out twice a day, whereas very few recreational runners engage in this practice.

There is an obvious reason for this discrepancy: triathletes have three separate disciplines to worry about. A triathlete who wants to train just three times per week in each discipline has to “double” twice a week—three times if he or she wants a day of complete rest.

But having only one discipline to worry about isn’t the only reason so few runners ever workout twice in one day. Runners also feel that they lack the time to double, that their body couldn’t handle doubling, and that two-a-days aren’t worth the bother except for elite athletes. In this article I will address these concerns, make a case for the use of doubles by recreational runners in marathon training, and offer guidelines for the practice.

Yes, You Can Double

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