Running in Australia – Perth & Sydney

Running in Australia has been a completely different experience and a great place to spend two weeks training in over 30 degrees Celsius in the middle of winter, with some amazing views. I didn’t set out with any kind of structure, I just wanted to enjoy my running and get the maximum training benefits while still having the time to relax and enjoy our holiday. We started are trip to Australia by heading to Perth for Christmas and then on to Sydney for the New Year. I had done some research into places people recommended to run and found Kings Park, Jacobs Ladder 242 step Challenge, Bridges 10k route and Heirisson Island to see the wild Kangaroos were all a must while in Perth. In Sydney there wasn’t many different place to run apart from along the harbour but running down to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bride every day was something special.

We finally arrived in Australia after sitting on a plane for over twenty hours and all I wanted to do was go for a little run and stretch my legs. Our hotel was located in the centre of Perth about one mile from Barrack Street Jetty and Kings Park. I went for a little run to see if I could find where these routes were located from our hotel. I arrived back one hour later after forgetting the location of the hotel but I did manage to find all the locations recommended.

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I was getting up early every morning to start running around 5:45 am meaning I was able to run on twelve out of the thirteen days we were there and ran a total of 107 miles without any impact on are holiday. I couldn’t believe how different everything is from back home in the UK, the amount of people that were out exercising before breakfast was crazy. On the first morning in Perth I made the mistake of not wearing any sun cream and got burnt before breakfast, I couldn’t believe how warm it was so early in the morning. I think it has something to do with Perth not having any day light saving where Sydney dose and is much cooler there in the mornings.

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Perth is set up differently from Sydney and the UK as everything is geared up to help people exercise, all the running and cycling paths were away from the roads and had water fountains every mile or so. The paths looked like they have just been laid and were marked out just like being on the road. You have to stick to the left had lane, walkers had to step into the walker’s lane to make sure nobody got in each other’s way. I couldn’t believe how well organised it was but this really suited me, people were even indicating when they was turning onto a different path and you had to wait to filter into lanes if there was other people on the path. To my surprise I didn’t see a single person not sticking to this, I don’t know if there’s any laws about this. All I know is if you don’t you get shouted at a lot if you don’t know them as I quickly found out.

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Perth’s running high light for me was running the Bridges 10k route which takes you along the River Swan and across to Heirisson Island where there is a nature reserve with wild Kangaroos. I hadn’t expected to see them but as I went through the gates and started running along the trail there they were. Four of them blocking my path, to my surprise they just stood and looked at me and allowed me to get close enough to touch them if I had dared. I couldn’t believe my luck and later that day I went back with my wife to show them to her. We were lucky enough to see them again and have are pictures took stood rite in the middle of them.

Sydney’s running highlight was the first run I did on the morning after we arrived when I ran down to the harbour and saw the Opera house in front of the bridge for the first time. The view was just incredible and I felt incredibly lucky to be able to be out in Australia running.

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The only negative comment I have to say about my time running in Australia is that the other runners didn’t speak or even acknowledge me. I was all excited out running in the sun in an amazing place and was saying morning, hi or just acknowledging the other people out running they didn’t even look at me. The runners back home in the UK are a far more sociable bunch who I find always responded.

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Training Summery – Perth

  • Sunday – 8mi 7:07/mi @ 169 bpm 1st thing on the to do list was exploring
  • Monday – 8mi 7:54/mi running around Kings Park
  • Tuesday – 8mi 7:06/mi @ 169 bpm along The Swan River & Jacobs ladder 242 step challenge in 1min 15 sec
  • Wednesday – 8mi 6:59/mi @ 169 bpm along the Swan River to Heirisson Island to see some Kangaroos
  • Thursday – 9mi 6:52/mi @ 164bpm Bridges 10k loop
  • Friday – Rest Day Christmas Day
  • Saturday – 8mi 6:53 @ 168 bpm along the Swan River before flying to Sydney

Training Summery – Sydney

  • Sunday – 10mi 7:00 mi @ 162bpm exploring Sydney, too early for the parks to be open
  • Monday – 10mi 6:53/mi @ 161bpm run over Harbour Bridge in the rain
  • Tuesday – 10mi 6:40/mi @ 163 bpm out and back to Anzac Bridge
  • Wednesday – 10mi 7:08/mi @ 153bpm tired legs recovery from Darling Harbour to Potts Point
  • Thursday – 11mi 6:40/mi @ 166 bpm HR the lowest it’s been and the quickest I have ran
  • Friday – 8mi 7:04/mi @ 162 bpm Final run in Sydney before flying home





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