North Lincolnshire Half Marathon – Week 7 & 8

The last couple of weeks have been really busy for me as I’m currently doing my CIRF (Coach in Running Fitness) while still trying to fit all my training around everyday life. I spent last weekend down in Birmingham at the Alexander Stadium on a two day coaching course so didn’t get the chance to update my blog.

I was hoping by reducing my training volume in week six it would have left my legs feeling fresh and ready to push on with my training over the next few weeks but I felt like it had completely the opposite effect and left me feeling sluggish. My legs were heavy and I was lacking energy, it wasn’t until the end of the week that I started to feel refreshed. I wanted to get my training back to normal which includes three threshold runs and a tempo session on the track, this stress load seems to be working really well for me at the minute. The key to heart rate training is sticking to the correct training zones even if it means running slower than you have been at the same heart rate and trusting what your body is telling you. I still get the same training benefits by doing this but it’s hard when you see that you’re running slower than you have been. I really didn’t feel like running a track session on Thursday evening as I was shattered and could have done with a good sleep. This is were having a good training group really helps to motivate you to keep training hard even when you don’t feel like it.

This week I’ve felt great, my threshold runs are getting quicker again which is really encouraging as I was starting to worry that I had over done it when they were getting slower. I really do believe that training by heart rate gets the best out of me and by sticking to my training zones regardless of the pace I’m running is helping me to run well again. I ran my quickest threshold run this week, six miles at 5:55/mi @ 164 bpm which is the quickest threshold run I’ve done for some time. This is a massive improvement when you think I was running 6:46/mi pace @ 164 bpm at the start of my training plan and my recovery runs were 8:00/mi pace @ 155 bpm and know at 155 bpm I’m able to run for 90 min @ 6:36/mi pace. I wanted to have a little test this week to see where I’m at with my training, while still keeping my training load the same. On Saturday morning I did No Walk in the Park 5k in a time of 16:50 which I was really pleased with. It also gave me a first place on my first road race of 2016 and has given me confidence that everything is moving in the right direction.

A lot of people I talk to say that they just don’t have time to exercise but I find it very hard to believe that this is true. If you really want to find the time to exercise then it is possible to manage your time and make the time. On Thursday I managed to find the time to do a nine mile run before work, an eight hour shift at work, a nighty minute coaching session at the track and finished off with a five mile run. If it is possible to fit all of this into one day then surly not having time isn’t an excuse!


Thanks to Mountain Fuel for all there support with my sports nutrition and Blizard Physiotherapy in setting my heart rate training zones.

Training Summery Week 7


  • Monday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:33/mi @ 151 bpm PM 9mi Threshold Zone 6:21/mi @ 163 bpm
  • Tuesday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:18/mi @ 151 bpm PM 7mi Recovery Zone 6:59/mi @ 148 bpm
  • Wednesday – AM 5 mi Recovery Zone 7:18/mi @ 150 bpm PM 9 mi Threshold Zone 6:17/mi @ 161 bpm
  • Thursday – AM 4mi Recovery Zone 7:21/mi @ 145 bpm PM 3 mi WU 8 x 800 (90) Avg 2:38 2 mi CD
  • Friday – REST DAY
  • Saturday – 1.5mi WU – 10mi Threshold Zone 6:23/mi @ 164 bpm 1.5mi CD
  • Sunday – 13mi Recovery Zone 7:09/mi @ 155 bpm
  • Total Miles 82 miles

Training Summery Week 8

  • Monday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:15/mi @ 151 bpm PM 9mi Threshold Zone 6:07/mi @ 162 bpm
  • Tuesday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:14/mi @ 151 bpm PM 8mi Recovery Zone 6:45/mi @ 148 bpm
  • Wednesday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:13/mi @ 150 bpm PM 6mi Threshold Zone 5:55/mi @ 164 bpm 2mi CD
  • Thursday – AM 9mi Recovery Zone 7:10/mi @ 148 bpm PM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:06/mi @ 151 bpm
  • Friday – REST DAY
  • Saturday – 3mi WU 5k Race 16:50 5:23/mi 6mi easy
  • Sunday – 13.6mi Recovery Zone 6:36/mi @ 155 bpm (90min)
  •  Total Miles 80 miles

Previous weeks training

Lactate Threshold Training Zones set by Blizard Physiotherapy

  • Recovery Training Zone 1 – 145 bpm – 158 bpm
  • Threshold Training Zone 2 – 159 bpm – 169 bpm
  • Tempo Training Zone 3 – 170 bpm – 190 bpm
  • Interval Training Zone 4 191 +
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