North Lincolnshire Half Marathon – Week 6

I wouldn’t call this week a recovery week but after finding Tuesdays recovery run home from work a lot tougher than it should have been, I decided it would be a good time to have an easier week and took Wednesday completely off. I still wanted to include the sessions that give me the biggest training benefits but felt I could sacrifice my recovery runs for the rest of the week. I know when I’m feeling tired as I start to get really grumpy and snappy with my wife and this allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep. Previously I would have kept pushing my body until it was my rest day and stuck to my training plan but I’m slowly learning. The more time I spend training the more I’m learning about what does and doesn’t work for me. I’ve started listening to what my body is telling me. If I’m feeling good I will make the training run count, if I’m not feeling good and I’m having fight to get my heart rate up I will have an easier day. I wouldn’t have gained anything by having another high mileage week and probably would have ended up injuring myself. In the long run it would have caught up with me and eventually had a negative effect on my performance, when I needed to find that little bit extra. This week was more about quality not quantity, my sixty four miles still included two threshold runs which are the most important of all my runs. A speed session and a nighty minute long run which I think made a very good weeks training. I have twelve weeks until my target race to hopefully get in to PB shape. Hopefully having a couple of treats this week and the reduced training load will help me to recharge and freshen up and allow me to make the same improvements in my next block of training.

Training Summery


  • Monday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:09/mi @ 150 bpm PM 9mi Threshold Zone 6:09/mi @ 162 bpm
  • Tuesday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:17/mi @ 152 bpm PM 9mi Recovery Zone 7:04/mi @ 151 bpm
  • Wednesday – REST DAY
  • Thursday – 3mi WU 10 min HMP@ 5:28/mi (3min) 5min hill sprints (3min) 10min HMP @ 5:27/mi (3min) 5min hill sprints CD
  • Friday – REST DAY
  • Saturday – 1.5mi WU – 10mi Threshold Zone 6:35/mi @ 167 bpm 2mi CD
  • Sunday – 12.5mi Recovery Zone 7:26/mi @ 154 bpm
  • Total Miles 64 miles

Previous weeks training

Lactate Threshold Training Zones set by Blizard Physiotherapy


  • Recovery Training Zone 1 – 145 bpm – 158 bpm
  • Threshold Training Zone 2 – 159 bpm – 169 bpm
  • Tempo Training Zone 3 – 170 bpm – 190 bpm
  • Interval Training Zone 4 191 +
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