North Lincolnshire Half Marathon – Week 11

I can’t think of a better way to end this block of high mileage training then to spend the week end training in the Peak District. I started running three years ago after entering the Ultra Tour of the Lake District, a one hundred mile ultra-run in the Lake District. This is where my love for running started or obsession if you speak to my wife, but back then I would do anything to avoid running on the roads, only running on the fells and trails. It was great to be back on the fells and reminded me just how much I love running in the hills. The last eleven weeks of training were spilt into two blocks of five weeks averaging 80 miles per week with an easy week in-between. I’ve been able to complete every session I had planned and more importantly stayed injury free. My training has been very consistent and has been pretty much the same week on week apart from this weeks Peak District trip. Where I still ran the same heart rate zones as I would have done on the road but it was just at a slower pace. To give you an example of how effective training by heart rate can be, week one of my training I ran a seven mile threshold run @ 6:31/mi 163 bpm and this week I ran a eight mile Recovery run @ 6:37 149 bpm. A big part of my training that I haven’t spoken about yet and I think has made a massive difference to my running is doing three or four conditioning and flexibility sessions per week, which I do in the evening while watching television. I did some test to see how strong my core was and to see how flexible I was when I first started running. The results weren’t great to say the least, one of the test I did was the sit and reach test to test my flexibility. I couldn’t even touch the slider to push it along the scale but now I can achieve I score of +15. Which is a massive improvement if you consider the scale start at -15.

Training Summery


  • Monday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:07/mi @ 150 bpm PM 8mi Recovery Zone 6:32/mi @ 153 bpm
  • Tuesday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:06/mi @ 149 bpm PM 9mi Threshold Zone 6:00/mi @ 163 bpm
  • Wednesday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:04/mi @ 150 bpm PM 8mi Recovery Zone 6:37/mi @ 149 bpm
  • Thursday – AM 4mi Recovery Zone 7:21/mi @ 142 bpm PM 3.5mi WU 10 x 1 min & 10 x 30 sec hills 1mi CD
  • Friday – REST DAY
  • Saturday – 12mi Threshold Zone 7:18/mi @ 162 bpm Peak District 1,239 ft elevation gain
  • Sunday – 18mi Recovery Zone 7:0/mi @ 152 bpm Peak District 1,478 ft elevation gain
  • Total Miles 85 miles

Previous weeks training

Lactate Threshold Training Zones set by Blizard Physiotherapy

  • Recovery Training Zone 1 – 145 bpm – 158 bpm
  • Threshold Training Zone 2 – 159 bpm – 169 bpm
  • Tempo Training Zone 3 – 170 bpm – 190 bpm
  • Interval Training Zone 4 191 +
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