North Lincolnshire Half Marathon – Week 10

I feel I run best off a high mileage training plan and my body seems to be able to cope well with a high amount of stress. I’m averaging eighty miles a week and going from strength to strength due to consistently running three threshold runs a week, which I think is key to me running well. My local running track was closed this week on Thursday evening for maintenance which is when I normally do my speed work. To fit in all my key session in I had to swop some of my training days around, which allowed me to get to the track on Tuesday evening. I repeated a session I had previously done in my build-up of, 1 x 5 min (2 min recovery) 12 x 400 (60 seconds recovery) but this time I progressed the training session on by doing, 1 x 1mi (2min recovery) 10 x 400 (45 seconds recovery) 1 x 800. Even with the longer reps at the start and finish and shorter recovery’s, I managed to run all my reps quicker which must mean I’m getting faster and fitter. At the minute I’m running a threshold run the day before I do my speed work, the reason I’m doing this is to make me slightly fatigued going in to my speed session. This means I don’t have to work as hard to get my heart rate up to the required zone and I can run my reps a little slower. I feel more relaxed and in control of the session instead of having to force my pace to get my heart rate up. The advantages of this are that it doesn’t take as much time to recover from and I can run a threshold run sooner. My rest day had to be moved to Thursday meaning I had to run back to back threshold runs on Friday and Saturday. In twenty four hours I ran twenty seven miles with nigh teen of them in my threshold heart rate zone around 6:05/mi pace. This left my legs feeling heavy and I wasn’t looking forward to Sunday’s long run. Luckily my wife knows how to do sport massage as she started to study to be a physiotherapist before becoming P.E teacher so I’m very lucky that I can get a sports massage done at home.

A massive thank you to Mountain Fuel for their continued support supplying my sports nutrition helping me to keep training hard.

Training Summery


  • Monday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:06/mi @ 151 bpm PM 8mi Threshold Zone 6:02/mi @ 162 bpm
  • Tuesday – AM 4mi Recovery Zone 7:23/mi @ 146 bpm PM 2.5mi WU 1x1mi (2min) 10×400 (45sec) 1 x 800 2mi CD
  • Wednesday – AM 5 mi Recovery Zone 7:28/mi @ 151 bpm PM 9 mi Recovery Zone 7:02/mi @ 144 bpm
  • Thursday – Rest Day
  • Friday – AM 5mi Recovery Zone 7:08/mi @ 151 bpm PM 8mi Threshold Zone 6:00/mi @ 164 bpm
  • Saturday – 1.5mi WU – 10mi Threshold Zone 6:13/mi @ 161 bpm 1.5mi CD
  • Sunday – 13mi Recovery Zone 6:52/mi @ 152 bpm
  • Total Miles 81 miles

Previous weeks training

Lactate Threshold Training Zones set by Blizard Physiotherapy

  • Recovery Training Zone 1 – 145 bpm – 158 bpm
  • Threshold Training Zone 2 – 159 bpm – 169 bpm
  • Tempo Training Zone 3 – 170 bpm – 190 bpm
  • Interval Training Zone 4 191 +
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