Morning Fuel Power Pancakes and Banana Flapjack

Our ‘Morning Fuel Power Pancakes’ are the perfect start to the day or a must have ‘on the go’ snack for any event as they are easy on the stomach, quick to absorb and packed full of all the essentials to help you perform.

Serves one for breakfast or you can make around 20 mini power pancakes

Mini Power Pancakes

For an on the go bite sized snack “Mini Power Pancakes” are perfect during activities. Simply add 1 soft fig and a tablespoon of chopped dates to the pancake mix. Gently fry a heaped teaspoonful of mixture in the coconut oil to make this delicious bite sized pancake. Remove from heat and leave to cool and then bag up six at a time in sealable bags.

Check out the web site to see a step by step guide on how to make them

Power Pancakes and Mini Power Pancakes

Mini Power Pancakes can be frozen and defrost in minutes so perfect to grab and go as you need them.

Morning Fuel Banana Flapjack


Check out there website for full details on how to make these great snacks Banana Flapjack recipe

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