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Our Philosophy

Sports nutrition is pretty straight forward, put simply ‘don’t believe the hype!’

Research papers are often funded by nutrition supplement companies and diets sell books so what do you do? Well, we believe that depending on your sporting level, aspirations or your attitude to life simply enjoy and eat a mix of well balanced food first and top this up where necessary with supplementation.

‘Food first, supplementation second‘ – get your training and fuelling strategy right and you should not need to a) spend a fortune on supplements or b) guzzle supplements that may not actually be really helping your performance or health and well being.

Over the coming weeks we are redeveloping our website as yes, we agree the current one is pretty basic and lacks content. During this time and as a continuous process we will share our ideas and views on fuelling for lots of different types of disciplines – all of which will have been tried and tested by our athletes or users. However please remember we are all unique and what works for one person may not work for another so try and tweak ideas to suit yourself. But most importantly ‘don’t believe the hype!’

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